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Extras Like A Pro- Camera - Ready Coaching

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E Mail: VAlexa1@aol.com

Phone: 561-886-7448

Virginia Alexander Cht 561-886-7448

Virginia Alexander, C.ht is a Production Professional with over 25 years of experience working on all types of Film & Television sets. Virginia Started as a Makeup Artist. Working her way into a Coordinating Producer, She had the “Job” of hiring Talent ( Actors,Models,Spokes People), as well as the Extras or Background Talent & Audience for shows & commercials.

She had to make sure they knew what to do and how to do it. She was pushed by production professionals to train talent to be ready on set!

Thus Extras Like A Pro was created.

These seminars/workshops and personal trainings are from over 20 years of working on sets teaching talent what was expected.
Virginia is still well connected to many production professionals within the Industry. She knows what you need to know before you walk on your first set. Her mission is to educate you so you can start within this amazing industry with confidence and clarity.​ 

 Experience Shows, Virginia Knows